Made by: alexamiyan#4903

★Mental health!

AnimalRandom cute animal picI.Animal
PositivitySend positivity picsI.Positivity
HabitsHabit recommendationI.Habits
BreatheFollow the gif instructionsI.breathe

★Moderation !

MuteMute a memberI.mute @user
UnmuteUnmute a memberI.Unmute @user
BanBan a memberI.Ban @user
UnbanUnban a memberI.Unban @user
KickKick user from the serverI.kick @user
WarnWarn a userI.Warn @user

★Economy !

Workwork work workI.Work
Characters+4 economy commsI.Characters
DreamingLet's sleepI.dreaming
VivingLets dance & sing together!I.Viving
GardenHelp your
BalanceControl your money!I.Bal/I.Balance

★Utility !

PollTime to vote!I.Poll (text)
ActKnow about updatesI.Act

★Info !

Datedd-mm-yy hourI.Date
server infoServer informationI.serverinfo
User infoUser informationI.userinfo
EmojiEmoji informationI.Emoji (emoji)
InviteIris bot inviteI.Invite
SupportSupport Iris!I.Support
AvatarShow your avatarI.Avatar


Memerandom meme appears!
HugHug someoneI.hug @user
RIPgrave duhI.RIP
ClownStar, this is a clown :(I.Clown
Calculatemath- why i put this in fun?I.Calculate x +/-/* y
BidenBiden twitter messageI.Biden (text)
ShipShip 7u7I.Ship @user @user
RandomRandom emoji incoming!I.Random
GayYour Gay rate!I.Gay
Slot machineSlot Machine!I.Slotmachine
TellRepeat your messageI.Tell (text)

·The codes, can be used 1 time per month, with them, you can get special coins!!!Permanent code: IRISCODE2022
(during 2022)

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